The Inspiring Story of Travis Iverson: Empowering the Wheelchair Community

In a world where challenges often loom large, there are individuals who shine bright, showing us the power of resilience and compassion. Travis Iverson is one of those remarkable people. Through his brand, Iver Fashion, he's not just making clothes – he's making a difference for wheelchair users everywhere. Despite facing quadriplegia for over twenty years, Travis has stayed strong, breaking down barriers and spreading positivity wherever he goes.

In this article, we'll dive into Travis's incredible journey, from the creation of Iver Fashion to his ongoing fight for independence. Join us as we uncover the story of Travis Iverson – a story of resilience, compassion, and the power of community.

Travis' Life Before the Accident

During his teenage years, Travis Iverson was a natural athlete, known for his love of running and prowess as a competitive baseball pitcher. Alongside his athletic achievements, he thrived as a popular business student at Algonquin College.

Travis was into fashion, like any other guy his age. ''Like most people, the way I dressed was part of my identity.  I loved looking good. Looking good always made me feel good,'' he said.

Iver Fashion - Fits from Chair - Adaptive Fashion Line

Since then, Travis has been all about making fashion more accessible and helping others like him. He's not just a fashion designer and entrepreneur now, but also a voice for change in the disability community.

He is also working on some patent to fulfill the needs people in wheelchair are facing. From socks with heating or cooling sensors, compression, monitor swelling to cleats to keep the feet in place during car ride or bumpy sidewalks.

You sure can understand creating these smart tech innovations need funding. Travis is looking for angel investors, like he likes to name them. If you are interested in helping don't hesitate to contact him.

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